Charlie's Ball Cleaner    8oz bottle   $7.00       Tax Included
                                       refill     $5.00       Tax Included

Closeout Items while supplies last: Marked Down Even More


SHOES:  Ricky II by Dexter  Size 15    Sale $20
               V-Srap  by Dexter  Size 8.5    Sale $25
               Lori by Dexter   Size 6.5        Sale $25

Kids shoes closeout $10.00/pair  Girls, Boys
     Girls: Racquel Jr  sizes 1,2,3,4
     LITTLE Jrs.  Sizes 9-10,12-13, 1,2

Time Out  Polo Shirts  $5/each  Lrg Navy.
King Louie Time Out Shirts  $5/each. lrg Navy Polo, Lrg Navy Button Up.

Bowling Magnets  $4

Brunswick Power X Glove left lrg $10                        T

Lane# 1 Glove  Right Med $10                            A

Master #44  XL Left   $10                                           X

React/R Palm Glove  Left lrg    $10

React/R Glove    Left Lrg    $10                                  I

Ultragripper Glove   Left lrg    $10                              N
Zloc #4    Right sml, lrg  Left lrg     $20
Zloc# 2    Right sml,med,  Left lrg     $20                    C

Cobra Wrist   Right small, super small,    $20             L

Ultrapreme Wrist     $5                                               U

Elbow Thermal Band     xl      $6                                 D

Ultrapreme Elbow Support        $5                              E

Robbies Vinyl     Left sml,med,lrg     $8                       D
Robbies Response   Rt XL, left lrg    $10
Robbies Cool Max    left lrg      $10
Robbies Leather   Rt XL, Left lrg     $10

Ebonite Pro Form Positioner    med, left lrg    $18

Columbia Wrist     Left sml, lrg      $18

Adrenaline Box of 10 Wipes    $6

Slide Guide     $5

Pro Grip Residue Remover   $1/box of 100

Traction Powder btl    $2

Ultragripper Tape   3/4" blk, 1" blk    $3.00/pac of 30

Finger Grips Vise P/O, Silicone P/O and nubs and smooth ovals,
Pro Sports Golden Ovals, White Contour and Cerise
Turbo Quads are all $2.00/set.
Pro Sports Oval and Fast Release Thumb Grips are $3 each.

Email us if you find something you like.